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Five reasons to seek professional advice with your domestic or small business IT setup.

In today’s day and age, it’s clear to see the importance of computers and IT. Your business and personal lives rely heavily on the reliability and efficiency of your computer. Whether it’s an important presentation you’re putting together, or your daughter’s 30-page English Literature essay (that you don’t understand), losing your data or being distracted by an unresponsive computer is not going to ensure you remain productive.

1. Data loss is not fun, and can have disastrous consequences.

It’s easy to believe that because you haven’t lost your data before, that it’s not at risk. Thorne Computer Services - Let us fix your computer problemsThis is, of course, not the case. In fact, 31% of PC users have lost ALL of their files due to events beyond their control.

The scary part is that, even if you treat your computer with all the care in the world, this does not mean you aren’t prone to data loss. Unless you’re working in a business environment with a solid IT infrastructure, the chances are your computer is running just one hard disk. Regardless of the brand, and regardless of the use, these disks can fail – leaving your data corrupted and, in a lot of cases, unrecoverable.

We all have files on our computer that we don’t want to lose, and there are ways we can easily ensure these files are backed up in a secure location, safe from harm in the event of disaster.

In the space of just one hour, Thorne Computer Services can consider the best avenue for you to ensure your data is safe, and can begin taking you towards a solution that, whilst easy to use, is incredibly robust.

2. The ten minutes it took you to start up your computer before work is not only annoying, but can be a sign that your computer has a more serious issue.

Believe it or not, that spinning loading circle you get when opening Microsoft Word is not a normality. It’s often a sign that there are more serious issues with your computer. People always react differently to these issues, some take a patient approach and go for a cup of tea whilst the computer loads the application they are after. Some get more angry, click around on the screen a bit, until the computer freezes. When you’re trying to be productive, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish, having to wait for the computer to load or start responding is a needless and concentration-breaking annoyance.

Slow computers can be caused by a number of problems. Whether it’s a virus on your machine that is running dangerous processes in the background, an application or driver that has been installed incorrectly, or even a faulty hard disk, these issues can be resolved and you can enjoy a pain-free and productive computer experience again.

Thorne Computer Services provides a Computer MOT service at just £30 an hour. During this, a thorough diagnosis will be performed to ensure no stone is left unturned, and we will get your computer back to it’s very best. We can also of course recommend simple, cost-effective upgrades (and perform them for you) to ensure you remain at your most productive.

3. Experienced IT professionals have seen the issues before; we know how to fix them and we know how to avoid them.

Thorne Computer Services - Remain productiveWhilst it is commendable that some will try and resolve their own computer issues, that is not what you bought your computer for. You bought it to work, to play games, to browse the internet – you get the point! Why waste your time attempting to resolve complicated and tiresome issues when you could get an experienced professional to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Even if you do manage to successfully resolve the issue you were facing, this does not mean it’s been sorted for once and for all. It’s often the case that you will face the same issue again, and every time you face these issues, the less appealing you find
the idea of using your computer.

There is of course the added risk that you could in fact make things worse. If you don’t understand the knock-on effects of the changes you’re attempting, you could end up in a place of no return. Not only would the issue have been resolved by an IT professional, but it would have saved you a lot of time and frustration.

4. A professional and experienced second pair of eyes will always help.

Maybe you do have the understanding of IT, but as in any line of work you can always benefit from having someone else take a look and analyse the current state.

Thorne Computer Services - IT Support

Let’s say you write a fantastic project plan at your job, and you’re really proud of it. Even though you’re happy with it, you will always have someone cast an eye over it, give feedback, and look at ways to improve it – even if they’re just pointing out a few accidental spelling mistakes. The exact same goes for IT. Your setup may work for you, but you may be missing something. You may be using applications that are slowing you down without you even realising it. The smallest of mistakes that you’ve not picked up on can have a big impact a little further down the line.

Thorne Computer Services are incredibly up-to-date in the industry. If there’s a new application out there than can increase productivity or save you time, we’ll know about it.

You would not believe the amount of small businesses that are stuck in their ways, using ageing accountancy software, slowing down their entire operation. But because they’ve used it for so long, they don’t realise they can streamline this. They don’t know about the latest solutions that are available – and are enabling their competitors to get a head-start on them.  And that’s fine.

It’s not your job to know of the latest and greatest solutions. It’s ours.

5. We can help you improve your own knowledge, too!

OK, so you fancy yourself as pretty clued up when it comes to computers. That’s great! I’m not surprised you’ve made the effort, in today’s world IT education will always be incredibly useful, no matter what industry you’re in.

But there are certain parts of IT that are significantly easier to learn by talking things through. Throughout my IT education, starting with an apprenticeship course when I was in my teenage years, I came across things I never had before in my computer-obsessed childhood. My eyes were opened to the things I had been doing wrong. Whilst I had previously managed to resolve issues, and keep my computer running, there were so many integral issues that i’d overlooked, that would only lead to more pain in the future.

Thorne Computer Services - Training and IT educationIt is also important to remember that even though you may find a lot of information and guidance on the internet, you never know when the action you’re taking could be incorrect – or just not relevant to your own computer. That useful forum post you see, whilst it may have worked for others, may have an entirely different result for you. Whilst symptoms may be similar, there can always be many different causes. You need to know how to troubleshoot the right way in order to ensure the solution does not have an adverse effect.

At Thorne Computer Services, we don’t just resolve your issues. We love to help improve your knowledge, to ensure no further issues arise. No matter your level of IT competence!

No matter how robust a solution we implement, a computer is only as strong as it’s user. Some people just weren’t brought up with computers, or maybe just don’t have the interest, so it’s unsurprising that some people just don’t understand them. But it will benefit you to learn more, and will help you to be sure you can pick up on signs that your computer may be in need of a check-up in future.

Whilst we do offer tutoring and training as a service, there is no need to buy these specifically. If we’re called out to help you with an issue, you’ve paid your hard-earned money for one hour of our time. If we resolve your issue and have time left, we are happy to discuss any questions you have regarding your setup, and can also provide a run-down on ways to spot future issues before it’s too late.

Be sure to get in touch with Thorne Computer Services if you have any IT concerns – or if you’d just like some advise. Our business focusses on helping domestic and small-business users become as productive as they possibly can be. Whether it’s guidance on what business applications you should be using, or you want to know why your PC is unable to play the latest game you’ve bought, we’ve got you covered. You can give us a call on 0117 504 8434, email us at, or get in touch via the contact form.

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